tax preparation and planning

Tax Preparation and Planning

Effective tax preparation and planning can help you to minimize your future tax liability. We can help you proactively manage both your personal and your business tax issues, including understanding how upcoming business opportunities impact your tax status and vice versa. Not all tax planning opportunities are readily apparent. By having us on your team, you are more likely to benefit from those opportunities. We understand how the latest federal, state and local tax legislation and other developments affect you and your business and we are constantly identifying new ways to reduce federal, state or local tax liabilities. Contact us today.

It’s been said that there are only two guarantees in life, death and taxes. There’s, unfortunately, no way around it, and taxes have a big impact on the bottom line of your business. Taxes are usually viewed as a burden that arrives each year. And it can be a very stressful process if you’re not prepared and experienced. Tax laws are always changing and your compliance can change just as quickly. We specialize in maximizing opportunities while minimizing confusion, risks and liabilities with our tax preparation and planning services.

Experience is key when it comes to tax preparation and planning. Knowing the ins and outs, as well as the in-between spaces can make all the difference for small businesses as well as individuals trying to get the most out of their tax filings. Our team consists of over 25 + years’ experience in state, federal and local tax laws to understand the most effective ways to apply them to the advantage of our clients.

Tax Preparation and Planning 1 Tax Preparation and Planning

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Plan for the Future

RKD Income Tax and accounting believes in a close and personal working relationship with our clients to get a complete insight into your individual or business life-cycle. So, whether you need recurring, complex, strategic or ad-hoc tax assistance, we can provide the help you need. Our close working relationships with clients keep an open line of communication to steer clear of costly mistakes. Failing to plan means you are failing to plan. Get the help you need to plan for the future and increasing your probability for long term success.

What We Offer


  • Analysis of tax consequences of specific transactions
  • Entity selection tax considerations
  • Multi-state planning
  • Preparation of all federal, state and local tax returns


  • Analysis of the tax consequences of specific transactions
  • Personal planning
  • Preparation of individual federal and state tax returns

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