Bookkeeping & Write-Up

If your business does not currently have accounting staff or if your business is outgrowing its current bookkeeping system, we can provide comprehensive bookkeeping and write-up services to ensure the smooth operation of the financial side of your business. As your business needs grow and change, we can provide input and planning assistance to make sure your accounting and financial systems keep pace with your business needs. Contact us today.

Our Bookkeeping Process

Our bookkeeping process helps to record the financial effects of transactions. We incorporate innovative solutions to minimize the latency between the recording of a financial transaction and its posting in the relevant account.

In your normal course of business, a record must be produced each time a transaction occurs. Purchases and sales usually create receipts and invoices. Deposit slips must be completed when lodgments are made to your bank account. A secure method of recording source document details is used to generate easy to read multi-column journals or daybooks.

After a month every column in all daybooks is tallied to summarize that period. In order to optimize the integrity of all accounts, we use the rules of double-entry. The daybooks are finally transferred to their respective ledger account books.

We then create a working and unadjusted trial balance as another integrity measure ensuring that the posting process was done correctly.

Tax Preparation Service

Profit Improvement

Daybook Breakdown

Daybook Utility


  • Sales daybook: recording sales invoices.
  • Sales credits daybook: recording sales credit notes.
  • Purchases daybook: recording purchase invoices.
  • Purchases debits daybook: recording purchase debit notes.
  • Cash daybook: recording all monies received and all monies paid out.

Process & Workflow

Income Statement

Also known as the statement of financial results, profit and loss account, or P&L

Balance Sheet

Also known as the statement of financial position

Cash Flow Statement

Track record of monies received and payed out including expenses

Statement of Changes in Equity

Also known as the statement of total recognized gains and losses

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